YRKKH: Abhir refuses to stay with Abhimanyu; Akshara breaks down after losing her custody

Tonight’s episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Abhinav consoling Akshara, encouraging her to release her emotions and cry. He offers to get her some water and leaves. Kairav ​​and the others try to contact Akshara, becoming increasingly worried. Meanwhile, Akshara stumbles on a soccer ball and sees Abhimanyu inviting her to come play. Delighted, she joins him and they engage in a soccer game together. She imagines him next to her, making her smile. Abhinav, unaware of the commotion, searches for her. Suddenly some pots fall over but Akshara is left oblivious. A worried Abhinav calls out desperately for Akshara and rushes towards her.

Manjiri mentions her intention to collect flowers for the puja. Just then, Abhimanyu notices Akshara near the falling pots and rushes towards her calling her name. Dejected, Akshara drops the football and locks eyes with Abhimanja. She breaks down calling out for Abhir, expressing that he was just there. Manjiri witnesses the event. Abhimanyu and Abhinav share suffering. Akshara asks Abhir to stop playing hide and seek and come forward. She remembers the judge’s words and realizes that she feels alone, just like Abhir. She laments that she cannot live without him because he is her son. In tears, she lies down and exclaims that she will die without him. Abhinav holds Akshara and comforts her, admitting that Abhir had tied a sacred thread and entrusted her to win the case, indicating his desire to live with them. Guilt-ridden Akshara believes that they have failed as parents and lost Abhira, claiming that she cannot survive without him.

Abhimanyu steps forward, extending his hand, and advises her to gather strength for herself and Akshara. Encouraged, Abhinav grabs his hand and helps Akshara stand up. He extends his hand to Akshara assuring them that they will return home where Abhir is waiting for them. Determined, Akshara asks him to take her to her son. He nods in agreement and they leave together, leaving Abhimanyu in tears. Abhimanyu notes that Abhir was the essence of Akshara and Abhinav’s life, emphasizing that just as we cannot spend the morning without the sun, they cannot exist in darkness without Abhir.

At Goenka’s house, Dadi advises Kairav ​​to call Manish again. Surekha informs that Ruhi and Aarohi left after waiting. Finally Manish and Suvarna reach home. Dadi asks them to talk. Kairav ​​accuses them of faking their luck and reveals that Akshara and Abhinav won the custody case by assuming that they are putting on a show like he and Arohi did during the exams. He insists that they admit the truth. However, Manish and Suvarna respond by signing no and shed tears. Dadi expresses disbelief at the turn of events. Kairav ​​refuses to accept the truth, becoming inconsolable and throwing things away.

He insists that Akshara and Abhinav are the best parents in the world, stressing that Abhir is their whole world. Dadi tries to calm her down. Muskaan intervenes, acknowledging Akshara and Abhinav’s immense love for Abhira and emphasizing their loss. Kairav ​​expresses disbelief, questioning the justice of the court’s decision. He wonders if financial instability makes it acceptable for children to be taken away and given to someone else, highlighting the injustices facing the middle class. Surekha acknowledges the influence of Abhi’s power, wealth and status, anticipating that it played a role in the outcome. Manish takes responsibility for the situation, blaming himself for challenging Manjiri and regretting not agreeing with Abhinav. He realizes the pain of separating a child from his parents and admits that he cannot forgive himself even if Akshara and Abhinav forgive him. Kairav ​​hugs him and asks him not to be so hard on himself.

Meanwhile, at Goenka’s house, Manjiri returns home and hugs Shefali, visibly upset. Shefali takes an interest in the case and Manjiri shares the news that they have won the custody battle for Abhira with the court ruling in their favor. However, Shefali and Anand seem worried. Manjiri questions their lack of happiness in the outcome. Mahima enters with Parth, surprising Manjiri. She questions Parth’s presence considering he was supposed to be in Dubai. Mahima discovers that Manjiri’s grandson is on the way while her own son is present, expecting Manjiri to share her joy. Manjiri expresses her concern for Shefali’s feelings, prompting Mahima to inquire about Akshara’s well-being. A heated argument breaks out between them as Mahima accuses Abhi of mistreating Akshara, Abhinava and Abhir, predicting that Abhir will be unhappy in their care. Manjiri defends Abhir’s love for her “doctrine” (referring to Akshara) and expresses confidence in his happiness in their family. Mahima insists that Parth and Shefali deserve a chance to be in a relationship just like Abhi has been given a chance. Manjiri argues that Parth has no right to stay in their house, prompting Mahima to argue that Abhi has no right to keep Abhir in his house.

Introduction: Abhir questions the identity of his biological father. Akshara starts to answer but Abhi cuts her off by announcing himself as Abhir’s real dad and announcing his intention for Abhir to come live with them. However, Abhir firmly refuses to go to Abhi’s house. Abhinav intervenes, claiming that Abhir must obey. Ruhi expresses doubts about Abhir’s happiness in this environment.

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