Liquid water could have carved out Mars’ famous gullies


US researchers believe that the mysterious gullies on Mars could have been carved by liquid water that formed when the planet was tilted more on its axis. During these periods, increased solar radiation vaporized carbon dioxide at the planet’s poles, raising atmospheric pressure and allowing liquid water to form.1 Mars has ice at each pole … Read more

Mars Has Liquid Guts and Weird Insides, InSight – Ars Technica suggests

Image of a lander on a dry, reddish planet showing two circular solar panels and several instruments.

Increase / Artist’s impression of what InSight looked like after landing. Mars appears to be a frozen expanse of red dust, craters and rocky terrain on the outside, but what lies beneath its windswept surface? NASA’s InSight lander may have discovered it before it took its proverbial last breath in the dust storm. Whether the … Read more