Popular actress breaks down in tears as she ‘only gets Ahjumma roles’

She is well known and grateful for these roles… but she craves so much more.

No doubt: all avid K-Drama watchers know her face. From the peculiar mother inside Answer 1988

Kim Sun Young in “Reply 1988”. | tvN

… for a “villain”. A crash course in romance…

Kim in Crash Course in Romance. | tvN

…an actress Kim Sun Young is one of the greatest, most recognizable actresses who has shone in countless popular TV series.

But for Kim, building a career has been emotional and she still has to fight. In the episode “Song Yoon Ah by PDC” a YouTube series led by an actress Song Yoon AhKim talked about her passion for acting.

Explaining that it’s important for her to watch her parts over and over to learn and improve, Kim stated that she ends up rewatching the same scene dozens of times because her “[doesn’t] get many rows.”

But in one episode, “When the Camellia Blooms,” I only had about five lines. Mostly it was. Even in ‘Romance Crash Course’, aside from a few serious incidents, I didn’t have many lines either. I just shot my scene and left. I love re-watching scenes from my show and I have to rewind and rewind all the time. when i do i think “If only they’d give me a few more lines…” Once my scene is over, sometimes I don’t appear for more than 2 minutes. So I finally thought “If only they would give me 3 more minutes…” Because I want to see more about myself…

But since I don’t have much screen time, I sometimes watch the same scene 10 times. If only I could get, like, 10 lines a show… About 15 lines an episode would put me over the top. I’m not saying I want more screen time. I wish my role had a bit of conflict or more dimensions so I could use it to develop the character more.

— Kim Sung Young

According to Kim, even when she’s in K-Dramas and K-Movies, she feels like she’s not expanding her acting spectrum, and that’s because since she became a star When the camellia blooms (2019) and Crash landing on you (2020), she now gets nothing but ahjumma roles.

Kim Sun Young in When the Camellia Blooms. | @jellyfish_ent/Twitter

Grateful for the offer, Kim said: “It’s limiting.”

Kim Sun Young in Romance is a Bonus Book. | tvN

I can’t get enough of acting and I’m in love with it. But right after When the Camellia Blooms, I was in Crash Landing on You. Both were middle-aged female roles. And after playing a middle-aged woman twice in a row, that character has definitely settled in for me. I keep getting offers for similar roles. Not that I have a problem with middle-aged female roles. But it could be some middle-aged woman committing filicide. Or a thief. Just some substance. Anything. But my roles never go out of business… and I can’t keep repeating what I’ve done before.

I have blamed others and I have blamed myself quite a bit. I took it out on myself a lot because there was no limit to how hard I could be on myself. When I was alone, I crawled deep into a hole. So, you could say, I fell into a mild depression. Of course I didn’t say it openly… I don’t know how to say it. I just really wanted to do acting but I didn’t get the chance. And I think I’m finally ready to play well.

— Kim Sung Young

For Kim, acting is life; She spends most of her time thinking about acting and how she could do better. Then she broke down in tears commenting on it—despite her enthusiasm, she “not much room for action.”

I was strangely too into acting. 24 hours a day, I only thought about acting, which seemed too extreme at times. But I didn’t get many offers. I was so desperate. I just wanted to play a role that has more dimension! Nothing too grandiose. And it broke me like ‘Poor Sun Young. You know it’s in you. If only you could get the chance… It sure drains the life out of you. And it was true, I was bored because nothing made my heart beat anymore. But there was nothing else I could do. Acting is my life.

— Kim Sung Young

After learning about Kim’s true feelings in acting, Koreans are rooting for the actress’ success. Having praised her for all the previous characters she brought to life, Koreans hoped to see her in bigger, more complex roles.

| theqoo
  • “I was watching [the 2022 movie] “Dream Palace” and thought her portrayal was insane. It was like watching a documentary.
  • “I get it. It’s not easy for middle-aged actors to get leading roles. Even the “hottest” male actors don’t get offers as they get older.
  • “It definitely had to start with ‘Reply 1988’. She ate up the role… And since she looks like “your friendly lady next door”, it must be hard to find roles that match her profile… But I hope she gets to play something big and change lives.
  • “That’s why it baffles me that actors with controversial backgrounds keep winning roles. I think it’s totally fine that Kim showed her ambition in this episode. She deserves to express her passions.”
  • “Wow… She’s so good at acting that probably none of us knew she had so little screen time. She brings such a huge presence. “
  • “What was that K-Drama she starred in with Kim Hee Ae and Moon So Ri? She was amazing in that too. “
  • “I had no idea she didn’t have a lot of lines… because she’s so impressive with the lines she’s given. I hope her career ends soon with a solid leading role.
  • “Maybe she can take on a role that’s not her usual, like rich chaebol character or something. It usually helps to push boundaries.
  • “There’s more”ahjumma role” than just a supporting character in some rom-com. Think about it Heavenly Palace, Green mothers cluband The struggle for happiness. I hope she gets a more multi-dimensional role in these middle-aged women-led works.
  • “Some of you are really calling her out for her dedication and ambition for the work she does… What’s wrong with you all? I wish her the best.”

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Source: Insight and theqoo

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