From Moushumi Chatterjee’s near divorce to Reena Roy’s love for Rajesh Khanna; 70s divas TKSS shares unheard tales

The latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show was a tribute to the 70s era with Reena Roy and Moushumi Chatterjee. Kapil invited them on stage singing their iconic songs. Kapil had to stay silent for the first time on his show with Moushumi Chatterjee’s witty and hilarious remarks. The actresses had some interesting anecdotes from their acting days.

​Back then there were no waterproof liners, we shot Rimjhim Gire Saawan in actual rain

Kapil talks about the famous song Rimjhim Gire Saawan, Moshumi shared a fun anecdote from the shooting of this song, “Bachan sahab is a very intelligent person, he knew he had to coordinate with me, so he used to take small steps. actually it was raining in Bombay. I remember , that in those days there was nothing like waterproof liners, so after every shot, all my make-up ran down my face and everyone laughed. So I had to redo my make-up with every take. I was wearing a chiffon floral saree in the song, leaving all its prints on my body. We couldn’t even hear the song and dance to the cues our director gave through the handkerchief. Thank God I’ve never worn wigs or I feel even the wig would have been ruined on the day.”


In some age proofs, I am older than my elder sister and husband – Moushumi Chatterjee

I was in 10th standard when I got engaged. My aunt was suffering from terminal cancer and she wanted to see me married. I was a minor. So you wouldn’t be able to find the correct date of birth for mine. It’s different in passport, marriage certificate, school and everything. By some age, I am older than my elder sister and husband. So my father-in-law Hemant Kumarji asked my family to change my age to make the wedding legal. I didn’t have a problem with my birth date being confused, at least I was born.

The Movie Anurag Changed My Life – Moushumi

I entered the industry after getting married. I didn’t come here to make a career. I got married young because of circumstances, so when I came here, the great directors were friends of my father-in-law and they had the script, so they convinced him to let me act. Little did I know that my first film would become a silver jubilee. The movie Anurag changed my life.

Jeetendra was the most accurate and hard working actor

Jeetendra ji is a very hardworking person. He is a production actor, he is so punctual that for a 9:30 shoot he would be ready at 8:30. Even shooting outdoors, he was an hour early and called us from the front desk to come down. So he passed because of his hard work. In those days there were two types of actors, one like Jeetuji who was too punctual and other actors like Sanjeev Kumar, Rajesh Khanna and Shatrughan Sinha didn’t even reach the wrapping time.

Today’s heroes don’t look like heroes anymore

Rajesh Khanna could not memorize dialogues at all, his assistants used to hold posters for him, while Shatrughan Sinha was the one who could memorize a 5 page script in minutes. If there was anyone extremely stylish, it was Feroze Khan, Shashi Kapoor. Physically, Vinod Khanna was very handsome. Pehle ke hero ko aapko bolna nahi padta tha ki ye hero hai, dikhta tha ki hero hai. Abhi toh baaju mein ho aur poocho hero kaun hai, toh dusra bolega, ‘Chup, baaju mein hi toh hai’.

My husband was ready to divorce me because of the snake

I had done a Dulal Guh film where a cobra appeared on the sets of Zehril Insaan with Chintuji and Neeta Singh. I caught that cobra and Chintu shouted to my husband “Babu Babu Moushumi ne snake pakda hai” he swam and ran in towel towards me. My husband said, “Snake chhod do, I am divorcing you.” I said, “Chalega, I will not leave the snake.”


​Rehaji, Ashaj refused to do Naagin-Reena Roy

All the heroines refused to do Naagin, they went to Rekhaji, Ashaji and all the famous heroines. They offered me the film as I knew dancing, so when I was approached I agreed to do it because the script was different. After the movie fans were afraid of me, they stayed away instead of mobbing me.

Kapil’s father used to guard Reena Roy in Chandigarh

Kapil recounted how his late father was surprised by Reena Roy: “My father once told me that you had come to watch a game in Chandigarh. He described that you looked like a fairy coming out of a white car in a white saree and black sunglasses. . I saw this fire in his eyes, when he went on to say that he complained about the inspector whose duty you had been assigned, and he changed him just to be near you.

I ran away from the sets of Balika Badhu- Moushumi Chatterjee

I ran away from the sets of Balik Badhu, the first day I felt like a big heroine and the next day when I was put on make-up and the costumes were made to look like a teenager. I felt like leaving, there was a bus stop outside the studio. I ran away from the shoot in a bridal costume and got on a bus. I asked the person sitting next to me to lend me money for the ticket and ended up at my aunt’s. She was a lawyer back then and people were afraid of her. I caught a rickshaw after the bus and reached her place. When I started crying, my aunt told my dad that I had come here after running away from the studio.

I had a huge crush on Rajesh Khanna-Reena Roy

Reena Roy was very much in love with Rajesh Khanna and her mother strictly discouraged her from watching his films. She said, “As a child, I was very fond of Rajesh Khanna’s films and my passion led me to take some drastic measures. Instead of going to school, I skipped classes to gather with my friends outside his house in the hope of catching a glimpse of him. My obsession went so far as to take my sister’s piggy bank and spend my pocket money watching his films. However, fate had its way and I eventually entered the film industry myself, leading to an incredible opportunity to meet and work with Rajesh Khanna. Life indeed has a remarkable way, how to fulfill our deepest desires.”

Reena Roy reveals the actors who were lavish spenders

No actor would come to the sets with his wallet. But I have seen only Dharamji, Vinodji and Feroze Khan treating their crew members with money. Except them, no famous actor was so generous. They were the only ones who always treated those who cared for them.