From being accused of ‘lifting’ the Dhoti to having an emotional moment with the kids during Family Week: A look at Akhil Marar’s Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 journey.

Director Akhil Marar became a sensation after participating in Bigg Boss Malayalam 5. Hours before the announcement of the much-awaited winner, fans are predicting that he too will lift the trophy. Ahead of the finale, here’s a sneak peek at his journey on the show.

Apology for his statement about the deceased tribe of Atappady Madhu

Akhil Marar received a lot of praise for his statement in which he disrespected the late Madhu tribe of Atappady. Akhil Marar taunted Sagar who had stolen food from the kitchen. “Are you Madhu to steal rice from the kitchen? Go and steal something else. He will face the same consequences as Attappady Madhu,” he said on the show.

In the weekend episode, host Mohanlal insulted Akhil for his statement and warned him. On behalf of the entire team and the contestant, the actor-host apologized to Madhu’s family and viewers. Akhil later apologized publicly.


Mohanlal slams Akhil Marar for his wife beating statement

Akhil Marar got into yet another controversy with one of his allegations of wife beating. In one of his private conversations with Sobhu, Akhil mentioned that he had beaten his wife. When Sobha mentioned the domestic violence she had faced in her marriage, Akhil said it was every woman’s story. Also, in the weekend episode, host Mohanlal slammed Akhil for the insensitive statement.

“Disrespectful” host Mohanlal

Both Akhil and Sagar received criticism for one of their fights in front of host Mohanlal.

“I asked you to shake hands Sagar and you threw it away. I thought it was disrespectful. I happily came here to celebrate Easter with all of you. I had planned so many things. I had traveled from Jaisalmer. Traveled from 4 till 5 o’clock from there to the airport, then got a flight and came here. It’s been an upsetting experience for me. So, I’m ending the show here,” said the host and raised his voice to the crew, asking them. to cut the line.

Combined with Sobha

The much-hyped duo of the season, Sobha and Akhil, made the audience laugh many times. However, one of their pool fights was the most fun.

Apologies to women entrepreneurs for his ‘Suhippikkal’ comment on Sobha

Akhil had received several warnings for his disparaging comments about Sobha. However, one of his comments demeaning her business landed her in a huge controversy. In one of the episodes it was said that Sobha has anointed everyone in her business. Because of this incident, the Bigg Boss team received complaints from the National Commission for Women and Akhil publicly apologized to all the female hosts for hurting their sentiments.

Akhil Marar raises his dhoti in front of the contestants

Akhil, who was earlier accused of one of his disparaging comments on the show, got into another row inside the house.

During the discussion, Akhil justified one of his earlier statements on Bigg Boss. He said that he wanted to say that if he ever goes to Bigg Boss, he might get angry and even appear on the show. As he makes the announcement, he makes an inappropriate gesture by lifting his dhoti to indicate that he is an original. Shocked by his gesture, the inmates accosted him.


Fight with Junaiza

Akhil was accused of physically assaulting inmate Junaiz. In one of the episodes, the duo was seen getting into an argument and eventually Akhil countered Junaiz with a shoulder. Soon Junaiz accuses him of physical assault and demands that the latter be kicked out of the show. Later, Bigg Boss called them to the confession room and warned them.

Fun transformation

Akhil was undoubtedly a consummate entertainer. His lady avatar after Sobha gave him a makeover left the audience in splits.

Akhil and the kids won a million hearts

Undoubtedly, Akhil has set major goals as a father after the episode. The scene where Achilles’ daughters run towards him and the trio fall to the ground was one of the show’s best moments so far.

Connection with Shizu

Akhila’s bond with the inmate Shiju is one of the much celebrated combinations in the house. Fans appreciate how Shiju stood up for their friendship and how he transformed Akhil.

Annan and Tambi

Akhila’s combination with Vishnu is also a crowd favorite. ‘Anann and Thambi’ were seen doing some memorable performances in the house.